How A SLICE IN TIME reproduces Fruit Crate Labels

We collect the original citrus crate labels and scan them at a high resolution, capturing the vivid quality of the themes and colors. We then apply specialized graphic techniques that remove blemish, scratches and tears. It should be noted that we do not alter the colors in any way, as our goal is to ensure that the labels look as close to the original as possible (just more pristine!).

We use a professional-grade printer to print the label at the exact same size as the original. This printer does not use ink – it uses a dry toner – meaning the color will never run or fade.

The key difference between the original and the reproduction is the paper. During the era when fruit crate label art was at its prime, the labels were made on a particularly thin paper specifically manufactured to adhere to the crate box through rough conditions, such as inclimate weather. Since this paper is no longer manufactured, we use a soft- gloss, high-grade paper to highlight the colors and imagery of the citrus label art.

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