What Exactly Is Fruit Crate Label Art?

The Beginning of the California Citrus Fruit Boom

Since Western settlers discovered there was more wealth in oranges than in gold, the fruit crate label has more truly represented the California dream of striking it rich than the early cries of "Eureka!"

The California Citrus Boom began when two navel orange trees were introduced to North America from Brazil by the first settlers to Riverside in 1873.

During the Spring of 1903, President Theodore Roosevelt traveled to Riverside, California by train.  On the morning of May 8, the President participated in a tree planting ceremony at the Mission Inn.  He transplanted one of Riverside's two famous parent navel orange trees that were in the Court of the Birds.  These trees launched a citrus economy that made Riverside the richest American city of the 1890s.

From the early 1900's to the mid 1950's the entire state of California from Escondido to Sacramento was blanketed with fruit groves primarily citrus.  To advertise, beautiful lithograph fruit crate labels were affixed to the crates that the fruit was packed into and then shipped around the world. 

The fruit crate labels provide us now with a vintage artistic look back in time at the history of California.

A SLICE IN TIME is the largest store in the world reproducing these beautiful glimpses into our heritage and we are honored and pleased to offer them to the public at an affordable price.

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