Advice on displaying and preserving your Art prints.

Crate labels conjure a shared sense of American nostalgia wherever they are displayed. That’s why they’re so ubiquitous! In fact, you probably have seen reproductions in restaurants like Red Robin or Chili’s, or perhaps you noticed them in your grocery store’s produce department. People buy our prints to evoke memories of Americana anywhere you can imagine. We have sold our prints to historical societies for several cities, for example. They hang the labels in libraries, schools, and other public venues.

For casual buyers of fruit crate artwork reproductions, we always recommend putting the prints in floating frames because of their unusual size (10 x 11 for an orange label, 8.75 x 12.50 for a lemon label). If you have a more flexible budget, the prints are beautiful when they are custom-framed, too.

However you choose to display your citrus crate print, you can rest assured that you’ll have a piece of heritage to enjoy for generations.

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