The Original Queen of Hearts - Queen Louise of Prussia...

depicted here on this 1917 Glendora Orange Citrus Fruit Crate Label:


Louise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (1776-1810) is one of the most famous and beautiful women in German history, best known to all as Queen Louise of Prussia, wife of King Friedrich Wilhelm III.  She was best known for her breathtaking beauty united with dignity and generosity, and for being a passionate opponent of the French Revolution as well as a declared enemy of Napoleon Bonaparte.  Her courage and dedication made her one of Prussia's most beloved leaders.

For a short time after Louise's arrival in Prussia, there was a slight swelling in the upper part of her neck which she concealed with a long flowing gauze scarf.  It looked so beautiful on her that soon every fashionable lady in Berlin was swathed in one!

She was the mother of nine children and unfortunately died early in life at only 34 years of age.  The queen's subjects attributed the French occupation as the cause of her early death and Napoleon reportedly remarked the king "Has lost his best minister"

According to Christopher Clark, Louise was "a female celebrity who in the mind of the public combined virtue, modesty, and sovereign grace with kindness and sex appeal, and whose early death preserved her youth in the memory of posterity."

Glendora - Queen Louise Orange Citrus Fruit Crate Label Art Print


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